Peer Mediation

 Photograph of students wearing Peer Mediator tshirts

A T-K Peer Mediator is a specifically trained student who can help other students talk about their conflicts and find a good way to resolve them The Peer Mediation program believes that conflict is normal and it helps students find peaceful ways to solve problems. The Peer Mediation program also believes, that students are responsible people and can solve their own problems, can learn when to do so and when to speak to staff. For example, a safety issue is for staff to handle, interpersonal "fussing" may be a good issue for mediator practice. Stopping small disagreements from getting larger is a program goal. 

Our Peer Mediators all share the same traits:  They show no prejudice, are friendly and impartial, and they are good listeners.  They take turns learning all the facts and they have a desire to help others.  Our Mediators care about others resolving their conflicts.  They are leaders and understand how and when to take control of the situation.  They don’t worry about what others think, and they help each party in a mediation see the other’s perspective.

The family, religious, ethnic and social culture we come from has lots to do with the way we resolve (or don't resolve) conflict. In almost every culture, there are some traditions we'd like to keep and others we'd like to leave behind. It is not for mediators to made decisions about this. Mediators acknowledge and respect the diverse cultures of their disputants.