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Our Staff

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Andrew Manouelian
Manouelian, Andrew
Sarah Gottfried
Gottfried, Sarah
Guidance Instructional Specialist, Sr.
Alison Noonkester
Noonkester, Alison
Resource Teacher, Sr.

Office Staff

Sandi Rodgers
Rodgers, Sandi
Office Supervisor
Cathy Oneill
Oneill, Cathy
Student Activities Specialist
Tami Atkins
Atkins, Tami
Sandy Paez
Paez, Sandy
IA Home Liaison

Health Services and Social Emotional Support

Emily Evans
Evans, Emily
School Nurse
Kay Ounmano
Ounmano, Kay
Harkamal Singh
Singh, Harkamal
Alex Melgoza
Melgoza, Alex
Transition Counselor
Shane Semien
Semien, Shane
Transition Mentor


Anatali Mata Alcala
Mata Alcala, Anatali
Preschool Teacher
Cassandra Richardson
Richardson, Cassandra
Preschool Teacher
Sheresse Roblyer
Roblyer, Sheresse
Preschool Aide
Megan Smith
Smith, Megan
Preschool Aide
Transitional Kindergarten
Kristen Moore
Moore, Kristen
Transitional Kindergarten Teacher
Patricia Hernandez
Hernandez, Patricia
Kindergarten Teacher
Ashlyn Riordan
Riordan, Ashlyn
Kindergarten Teacher
Joyce Wagner
Wagner, Joyce
Kindergarten Teacher
Kindergarten-First Grade
Melissa Stafford
Stafford, Melissa
Kindergarten-1st Grade Teacher
First Grade
Emily Lulejian
Lulejian, Emily
1st Grade Teacher
Samantha Morales
Morales, Samantha
1st Grade Teacher
Kari Smith
Smith, Kari
1st Grade Teacher
Second Grade
Pamela Engelman
Engelman, Pamela
2nd Grade Teacher
Kathy Gulseth
Gulseth, Kathy
2nd Grade Teacher
Megan Miller
Miller, Megan
2nd Grade Teacher
Second-Third Grade
Madison Shaffer
Shaffer, Madison
2nd-3rd Grade Teacher
Third Grade
Nathan Berryhill
Berryhill, Nathan
3rd Grade Teacher
Shawna Henson
Henson, Shawna
3rd Grade Teacher
Cataleena Thao
Thao, Cataleena
3rd Grade Teacher
Anna Vaughn Martinez
Vaughn Martinez, Anna
3rd Grade Teacher
Fourth Grade
Brandon Lowe
Lowe, Brandon
4th Grade Teacher
Sara Nalley
Nalley, Sara
4th Grade Teacher
Fourth-Fifth Grade
Mikayla Norby
Norby, Mikayla
4th-5th Grade Teacher
Fifth Grade
Patricia Clark
Clark, Patricia
5th Grade Teacher
Ginger Hazel
Hazel, Ginger
5th Grade Teacher
Sixth Grade
Alicia Davis
Davis, Alicia
6th Grade Teacher
Erin Prieto
Prieto, Erin
6th Grade Teacher
Aaron Graef
Graef, Aaron
6th Grade Teacher
Special Education
Kristen Houston
Houston, Kristen
SDC 4-6 Teacher
Gina Tregoning
Tregoning, Gina
SDC 1-3 Teacher
Brenden Tockey
Tockey, Brenden
RSP Teacher
Colson Cluff
Cluff, Colson
Choir Teacher
Kyle Humphreys
Humphreys, Kyle
Orchestra Teacher
Steven Maldonado
Maldonado, Steven
Band Teacher

Language and Speech Services

Nori Meadows
Meadows, Nori
Speech Therapist
Gabriella Castillo
Castillo, Gabriella
Speech Therapist
Jessica Sabbatini
Sabbatini, Jessica
Speech Therapist
Amie Mulligan
Mulligan, Amie
Speech Therapist
Lanissa Martinez Ramirez
Martinez Ramirez, Lanissa
Speech IA

Support Staff

Candace Helgren
Helgren, Candace
Alicia Hernandez
Hernandez, Alicia
Cafeteria Supervisor
Patricia West
West, Patricia
Jonathan Woodley
Woodley, Jonathan
Custodial Supervisor
Carmen Garza
Garza, Carmen
Bilingual Instructional Assistant
Karen Miyake
Miyake, Karen
Instructional Assistant
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