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4th Grade Recorders

In 4th grade, we study the recorder as a whole class. Using a program called "Recorder Karate", students progress through each song and earn a colored yarn string or 'belt' that they tie onto their personal recorder. Each student is checked out a recorder from the school, or they may bring one from home.

5th/6th Grade Beginning Band/Orchestra

When students enroll in Band or Orchestra, they begin their study of an individual instrument. They can check one instrument out from the school, based on availability, they may rent one from alocal music store, or bring one from home if it is functional. Students are encouraged and expected to practice their instruments at home. These students will also be performing at least twice ayear at our winter and spring concerts, testing once ayear on ascale, and short musical excerpt for the Fundamental Skills Test. The Advanced students also participate in the Area Articulation concert at Clovis East High School, where they perform with every other 6th grader in the Clovis East area as well as students from Reyburn Intermediate and Clovis East High School.  






1:30 5th Grade Band 1:30 5th Grade Band 1:00 4th Gr. Mrs. Nalley recorders
1:30 5th Grade Strings 1:30 5th Grade Strings 1:30 4th Gr. Mrs. Prieto recorders
1:30 5th Grade Choir 1:30 5th Grade Choir 2:00 4th Gr. Mrs. Hale recorders
2:15 6th Grade Band 2:15 6th Grade Band
2:15 6th Grade Strings 2:15 6th Grade Strings
2:15 6th Grade Choir 2:15 6th Grade Choir
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